before your tenancy Before Your Tenancy We are here to help you find the right property for your needs. Information on booking viewings, fees and referencing requirements can be found below.
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starting and during your tenancy Starting & During Your Tenancy Setting up a tenancy correctly not only protects the landlord but gives security and peace of mind to the tenants with independent inventories and 24/7 maintenance reporting.
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end of your tenancy End Of Your Tenancy Leaving your home in the condition you were given it is very important, remember these simple things to avoid costly deductions or charges at the end of your tenancy.
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report maintenance Report Maintenance Reporting maintenance at your property is easy with our online reporting tool which can be done online and from any mobile device.
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Before Your Tenancy

First, narrow down your search by clearly identifying what your needs are for your next home. Price, size and location will be your defining parameters, once you are sure about your needs then you can look at what you would like. Being clear with your letting agent will go a long way in securing your next home.

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Booking Viewings

Viewings can be booked between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday and some weekends. Before booking a viewing, make sure you know your availability for the next few days as the slot you want may not be available. Viewings usually take 15 minutes with a trained member of staff who can answer most of your questions about a property at the viewing, but if we're not sure about an answer we will find out for you.


We use Homelet the UK's largest referencing agency to undertake referencing including credit checks. If you think you may have a problem with your credit, please let us know. All conversations are confidential.

You will need to provide us with current photographic I.D., proof of current residency (no less than 3 months old), proof of nationality and your last 3 months pay slips. Please make sure you have these to hand to ensure there is no delay in starting your tenancy. All your information is kept strictly confidential and we are registered data holders in accordance with the Data Protection Act for your peace of mind.


You may require a Guarantor if your income is below what we will require to set up a tenancy on your own, or if your credit rating is too low. A guarantor is usually a family member who is in full time permanent employment, a UK resident and a home owner, who will stand as a guarantor for your tenancy. A Guarantor will be requested to sign a Guarantors Agreement which will legally bind them to your tenancy. They will be legally responsible for paying the rent in the event you are unable to, and/or to cover damages to the property whether accidental or otherwise.

Company Lets

In most instances, with the landlords approval, we can set up a company let. The company must be a limited company registered with companies house, has been trading for 3 or more years and a Director will need to be available for signing the contracts. Occupiers of the property must be declared to us and photo I.D. will be requested of each of them.


Renting with pets is are becoming more popular and we are working with our landlords on this, so more of our properties are available to tenants with pets. You must however let us know if you intend to let a property with a pet, otherwise you could be in breach of your contract. Please respect that not all Landlords will accept pets for varying reasons, some properties will have restrictions that are out of the landlords control, such as flats, whilst other landlords may be allergic! We will always ask the Landlord before we take the property on to be sure of their wishes.

Inform us if you intend to get another pet... the Landlord may accept one maximum, more than one may require a higher deposit.

If a pet is accepted at the property it will activate a clause in the contract which states all carpets at the property must be professionally cleaned. You must provide a valid receipt to prove it has been done or the cost will be deducted from your deposit.


We ask that all of our tenants obtain and maintain a policy of insurance to provide a minimum of £2,500 cover for accidental damage to the landlord's contents, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Although Landlords will have an insurance policy of their own, this will not cover your personal possessions. For a competitive quote on tenants libility and contents insurance contact

Payments & Fees

The asking rent does not include letting fees. Depending on your circumstances and the property you select, one or more of the following upfront fees will apply:

VAT at the current rate of 20% has been INCLUDED in our fees

Application Fees

Single Application: £200.00
Additional Tenant: £100.00
Guarantor Application Fee: £50.00
Company Application Fee: £300.00
International Application Fee: £250.00


Security Deposit: Equal to 1st month’s rent plus £100.00 (exceptions apply)
Pet deposit: £100.00

Tenancy Fees

Renewal Of Contract: £30.00
Pet Deposit: £100.00
Inventory Check-in: £75.00 (paid to Independent Clerk)

Avoidable Costs

Re-Issuing or Amending Contracts: £30.00
Administration Charge: £30.00
Property Re-Visit: £60.00
Lost Keys Replacement: £12.00 plus the cost of key cutting
Lost Keys Call-Out: £20.00
Lost keys Call-Out (Out of Hours): £60.00

N.B. We ask our tenants to use online banking for their payments because it is safer than carrying cash to the office, but most importantly it is free, so no additional charges are incurred for making these payments.

For further information about our services you can take a look at our Terms Of Business for Prospective Tenants

Starting Your Tenancy

First Months Rent & Deposit

In order to start your tenancy and for us to be able to release the keys to you, you will need to pay one month's rent in advance and the property deposit, as specified in your terms of business. Your deposit will be submitted into the Deposit Protection Scheme within 30 days of you paying it to us. As soon as it has cleared into the DPS they will email you a unique tenant ID number, keep this safe as you will need it to claim your deposit back!

Paying Your Rent

We will prepare a standing order mandate for you to complete on the day your tenancy starts. This will be set up for the same day each month to the date that your contract started. A standing order mandate is an instruction made by you, to your bank. We have no control over this instruction so it is vital you ensure it is in place for the first payment and that funds are available on the due date so the bank does not cancel it. Rent is always paid in advance of the month. If you need to change the date the rent is paid, for instance to coincide if you are paid early, but not any later than the date specified.

Inventory Check-In

All properties managed by us will have an independent inventory clerk check you into the property the day your tenancy starts. (Most of our landlords who manage the property themselves will also instruct a clerk, however this will be stated on your terms of business if they don't.) Independent inventories and check-in's are vital to ensure all parties are in agreement to the condition of the property at the start of each tenancy to minimise the risk of a dispute at the end of a tenancy if money is requested out of your deposit.

Utility Companies

We will notify the current suppliers for Gas, Water and Electricity as well as Council Tax to inform them of the new tenancy, accurate meter reading will be taken on the day the tenancy starts. It is the tenants responsibility to inform us if they do not receive a welcome letter from the supplier in the first month of the tenancy and to pay all utilities up to the last day of their tenancy even if they leave the property early.

Tenants are welcome to switch utility suppliers during their tenancy if they can find a better deal but we must be informed of the change.

During Your Tenancy

Reporting Maintenance

Reporting maintenance has got even easier with our online report maintenance feature by Fixflo. When your tenancy has started you will be given a unique login to access this part of our site where you will be able to log as much information about your problem, including uploading photos to the report. The more information you can give to us the quicker we can resolve your problem with one of our vetted contractors. *Failure to report a serious maintenance issue or to withhold access is a breach of tenancy and you could be charged for any extra damage caused.

Emergency Contact

If you are experiencing an Emergency out of office hours, you can always contact one of our team. You will be given a dedicated Emergency contact number at the start of your tenancy in your pack.

Property Visits

We undertake regular property visits to ensure we are maintaining your property correctly and to make sure your tenancy is running smoothly. We will always write and email you to let you know when the visit will happen. You do not need to be present for the visit as we keep a management key for all of our properties, however, it can help for you to be present if there is anything you would like to discuss with us. Property visits are booked in batches about 2 weeks in advance, so we do ask if there are any problems with the date or time, that you contact us immediately.

Contractor Visits

Where maintenance issues have arisen at the property, whether from being reported or from a property visit, we will require one of our maintenance contractors to attend the property to get it fixed. All of our contractors have been referenced by one of our team to give you peace of mind that the contractor attending is fully qualified and insured.

End Of Your Tenancy

Your Standing Order

As your rent is paid in advance, the last rent payment will be at the start of your last month in the property. It is your responsibility to ensure the standing order mandate is cancelled so no further rent payments are made to us in error. This can be done easily with online banking, telephone banking or by popping into your local branch.

Returning Your Keys

All the keys supplied to you at the start of your tenancy must be returned to us in the office no later than 5pm on the last day of your tenancy. Tenants will be liable for the rent until the keys are returned, this will be calculated on a daily baises.

Inventory Check-Out

The check-out report will be booked for the next available working day after your end of tenancy. It is not necessary for you to be present for this, however, if you do wish to be present please inform us no less than 7 days in advance so we can inform the inventory clerk. The inventory clerk's role is to record the condition of the property at this point in time, so no amendments to the property can be made at this stage.

Return Of Your Deposit

As soon as we have received your check-out report we will be able to assess whether or not any deductions would be due to the landlord. This can take up to a week for us to receive, so pease be patient! If we intend to propose deductions we will inform you with a detailed list and costs within 14 days. Whether we are proposing deductions or returning your deposit in full, you will need to log into the DPS website to confirm return of your deposit.

Report Maintenance