Tenant Guide – End Of Tenancy

Leaving your home in the condition you were given it is very important. Remember these simple things to avoid costly deductions or charges at the end of your tenancy.

Your Standing Order

As your rent is paid in advance, the last rent payment will be at the start of your last month in the property. It is your responsibility to ensure the standing order mandate is cancelled. This will avoid any further rent payments being made in error. This can be done easily with online banking, telephone banking or by popping into your local branch.

Returning Your Keys

All keys supplied at the start of your tenancy must be returned. You have until 5pm on the last day of your tenancy to get them to our office. Tenants will be liable for the rent until the keys are returned, this will be calculated on a daily baises.

Inventory Check-Out

The check-out report will be booked for the next available working day after your end of tenancy. It is not necessary for you to be present for this. However, if you do wish to be present please inform us no less than 7 days in advance. This will allow us to inform the inventory clerk and arrange a time. The inventory clerk’s role is to record the condition of the property at this point in time. No amendments to the property can be made at this stage.

Return Of Your Deposit

Once we have received your check-out report we will assess whether or not any deductions are required. We will discuss these with the landlord first. It can take up to a week for us to receive the report, so pease be patient! If we intend to propose deductions we will inform you within 14 days, with a detailed list and costs. Whether we are proposing deductions or returning your deposit in full, you will need to log into the DPS website to confirm return of your deposit.

Report Maintenance