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Lettings Update 2020

Dear <<First Name>>

Welcome to January's Newsletter! This month, we're taking stock and preparing for the new legislation we know will be coming into effect in 2020. 

In exciting news, I will be running a series of seminars this year to help landlords grow and get the most of their property portfolios. Watch this space! I've also created a Facebook group for landlords to discuss their concerns and get real, practical advice. 

Hannah McCartan, Managing Director

Lettings Update 2020: 7 Things Swansea Landlords Need to Know

If we thought the last decade was difficult for landlords, 2020 is going to be a real minefield. So far, there are 7 keys things it is essential to keep in mind this year.



Landlord Laws Up 32% in Past Decade

Reflecting on the last decade and the breadth of lettings legislation. Are you sure you've got it all covered?


New Group for Swansea Landlords

Communication and community are key if we are to overcome challenges facing landlords in 2020. 


McCartan Rental Tracker

Rents have decreased with month, with the average asking rent for Swansea now at £769pcm. 



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