Please check your appliances

Please check your appliances

Hannah McCartan
14th July 2017

Further to the devastating events at Grenfell Tower, the cause of the fire has been confirmed as a faulty fridge freezer.

The make and model is:

Hotpoint FF175BP

We are advising all landlords and tenants to check their appliances immediately.

Managed Tenants

If you have a furnished property with a fridge freezer, we will be checking the make and model at your next property visit. However, as this may be some weeks away or you may have just had a visit, we would appreciate your assistance in checking and letting us know immediately if your appliance matches the one being recalled.

If you have any concerns about any of your appliances, please get in touch with us.

If you are in an unfurnished property, please check the make and model of your own fridge freezer.

Managed Landlords

Please check your paperwork if you suspect you may have one of these fridge freezers and let us know straight away. Don’t worry if you don’t know – we will only contact you if we find that you do have one in your property.

Let Only Landlords

If you have a furnished property, we strongly advise that you check your paperwork to find out if your fridge freezer is the one being recalled. If you don’t have any paperwork to confirm this, contact your tenants to arrange a property visit or request they check for you and let you know.

If the property is unfurnished, we would still advise you contact your tenants to make sure they don’t have one of these appliances in your property.

If your appliance matches the one being recalled, please click this link to take you to the Government advice page on what to do next.

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