4 Top Tips to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

4 Top Tips to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Elizabeth Evans
20th September 2018

Let’s face it; a rental property is never going to feel like home if you don’t put your stamp on it and inject some of your personality and style.

My top tips will transform your rental into a home that you love by helping you invest in some key items – and the best thing is, they’re all things you can take with you if you move!

1. A little TLC for your window treatments will go a long way to transform any room

Curtains are the perfect solution to add a pop of colour, and they can make the room look larger if you place your curtain pole as close to the ceiling as possible.

Always opt for long curtains where possible, as this alludes to high ceilings and more space.  Buy your curtains longer than you need and take the hem up or ask your curtain maker to leave an extra-large hem; so that if you do move the hem can be let down and lengthened.

Store your curtains on the wall so that you let as much light into the room as possible, creating a bright and airy space. To do this, you will need to buy your curtain pole about 60-70cms larger than the window itself. The best thing about this is that if you move, the likelihood is that your pole will be large enough to fit any window!

Blinds are a little less flexible if you move, as they are fitted to a window recess, and therefore give you less leeway to adjust the size.  For a long-term rental, though, Roman blinds might be a good choice as they take very little fabric and are an economical alternative if you want to create a homely space for very little money.  A simple and cost-effective pelmet would finish the room, framing the Roman blind and softening the window aperture – a perfect combination!

2. Consider lighting; it sets the tone.

Depending on your room configuration, a low hanging statement light over a dining table or kitchen island could be a great way to create an intimate setting (and there is no passing traffic to knock it!)

For your entrance way and landing, opt for very simple lighting, and save the expense for your lounge and master bedroom.  In your lounge, try and keep your lighting flush to the ceiling to create the sense of space and head height.

3. Invest in a bespoke headboard

Perfect your rental bedroom with a headboard that will give your home that wow factor!  You will love it so much that you’ll certainly want to take it with you if you move!

Choose a simple shape (not too tall or wide to ensure you can get it up a staircase).  Buy a divan base and your mattress, and what you save on a boring mass-produced baseboard and headboard, you can spend instead on a bespoke, fabric-covered headboard that suits your style perfectly.

4. Invest in some cushions

Cushions are an inexpensive way of transforming any space, and will make any home luxurious if you choose the right colour and some textured fabrics.

Opt for feather cushions (unless you are asthmatic) as they last forever, and keep them plump by grabbing opposite corners of the cushion and pushing them together – voila!

Layer your bed up with an assortment of cushions for an instant designer finish! A throw draped over the bottom of the bed also works a treat.  Again, they’re easy to pack up and take with you.



This article was written by Elizabeth of Elizabeth Styles Soft Furnishings. If you would like some professional advice on how to put your mark on your rental property, please get in touch for a free, friendly home consultation with Elizabeth. You can call her on 07504 528363, or click here to email her

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