Top 5 Rental Trends Revealed as Tenants’ Priorities Change

Top 5 Rental Trends Revealed as Tenants’ Priorities Change

Hannah McCartan
14th October 2020

At McCartan, we’ve always been keen to include local amenities and attractions when writing our property listings. People moving from outside Swansea, or within Swansea to areas they’re less familiar with, find it helpful to know what’s nearby.   

We specialise in professional lets and find a lot of our applicants are moving for work, so knowing a property is close to a certain hospital, university campus, or other major employer can be a huge draw – so we make sure to list it!  

But now, especially where a property may not have a garden for example, we’re making sure we’re also listing what green spaces are nearby, or whether somewhere is within walking distance of a beach.   

We’re lucky in Swansea that even though we’re a city, we have multiple parks, a botanical garden, and such an enormous stretch of beach right on our doorstep. And if you own a car, the Gower Peninsula is your oyster.  

Because the majority of our team at McCartan are amateur foodies and live locally too, we can also recommend good, local places to get take-out food!   

Swansea’s accessibility means there’s demand for property all over the county, of all sizes from studio apartments to 4/5 bedroom family homes.

New priorities for tenants

We hadn’t been in lockdown long when we found the content of the lettings enquires we were receiving was changing.  

Here are our top 5 things tenants are doing/wanting to know right now. They’ll be key to letting your property quickly over the next few months:  

Gardens. One of the most notable increases in requests are for gardens. Gardens became a must-have instead of a would-like, and its no surprise why!  

Internet Speeds. We are receiving more questions about internet speeds in the area as more people are working from home. Relocating to somewhere without decent WIFI available would defeat the purpose of the move 

Location. Some people were looking to move closer to places of work, and where they were previously willing to commute from Newport or similar cities, they’re moving to Swansea full time instead. Proximity to open spaces and views are also more commonly asked questions (especially where properties don’t have gardens). 

Re-location. We started to receive enquiries from people looking to move out of London and other major cities as their employers made the decision to make working from home permanent. In many cases, they’d previously lived or still had family here in Swansea or Gower, and now they were allowed to work remotely, they wanted to come back home. Used to renting in London, these enquirers have larger budgets than we might ordinarily expect in Swansea, but also high expectations of the standard of the rental property.  

Pets. It’s been reported nationally that more people have been adopting pets during lockdown, so it’s worth considering whether your property is pet-friendly.  

What do you think?

Have you had any interesting rental requests during lockdown? Why not share your experiences and chat with us and other local Swansea landlords on the Swansea Landlord Circle.

Make sure you’re advertising your property to maximise its appeal – and if you would like a free consultation, give us a call on 01792 430100 or click here to send us an email.

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