During Your Tenancy

Reporting Maintenance

Reporting maintenance is easy, just click the Report Maintenance button at the top of the page. You will be able to log information about the issue, including uploading photos to the report. The more information you can give to us the quicker we can resolve your problem with one of our vetted contractors. *Failure to report a serious maintenance issue or to withhold access is a breach of tenancy and you could be charged for any extra damage caused.

Emergency Contact

In an emergency (gas leak, water leak, electrical failure), please call our emergency maintenance mobile: 07766130265.

Please leave a voicemail with the details of the emergency and also send a text message. Nonemergencies will be treated as such and dealt with during office hours only.

Property Visits

Your first property visit will be within 4-6 weeks of the start of your tenancy and will be every 3 months thereafter.  This is to ensure the property is in good order and to check any maintenance carried out has been completed satisfactorily.

You will be notified approximately two weeks in advance of the visit. Should the date or time not be convenient, you must notify us no later than 5 working days before the visit.

Contractor Visits

Where maintenance issues have arisen at the property, whether from being reported or from a property visit, we will require one of our maintenance contractors to attend the property to get it fixed. All of our contractors have been referenced by one of our team to give you peace of mind that the contractor attending is fully qualified and insured.

Report Maintenance