Tenant Fees

Each adult over the age of 18 years, who will be a resident at the property, must complete an application.

The asking rent does not include holding deposits, fees or property deposits. Depending on your circumstances and the property you select, one or more of the following upfront fees will apply:



Holding Deposit: Max one weeks rent (Rent £ pcm / 4.35)
Company Application Fee: £350.00
Contractual Tenancy Fee: £350.00


Security Deposit: Equal to 1st months rent plus £100.00 (exceptions apply)
Pet: Additional £150.00 on the security deposit


Replacement Keys & Locks: If a tenant breaches the contract which leads to the requirement for a lock on the property listed on their contract, to be changed, added or removed,

OR if a tenant breaches the contract which leads to the requirement for a key or other security device which gives access to the property listed on their contract to be replaced, the charge will be the amount equal to the actual cost of the replacement, change, addition or removal.

The “actual cost” means the cost of the key, security device or lock, as evidenced by an invoice or receipt.

Where a third party contractor undertakes the replacement of a key or other security device or the change, addition or removal of a lock on behalf of the landlord, the “actual cost” includes the cost of that contractor’s labor, as evidenced by an invoice or a receipt.

Late Payment of Rent: If within the first 7 days of the rent due date, the tenant fails to make payment, no charge will be due.

Rental payments overdue by more than 7 days will be subject to interest at the rate of 3% over the Bank of England Base Rate calculated from the date the payment was due up until the date payment is received.

In the case of failure to make a payment of rent after the end of the period of 7 days, beginning with the rent due date, an annual percentage rate of 3% above the Bank of England Base Rate will be due on the amount of rent that remains unpaid at the end of that day.



Holding Deposit: This is payable at the point of application to reserve the property of your choice. It allows the agent to check the suitability of a tenant and serves as a guarantee to the Landlord that you are committed to take the property, pending successful completion of referencing.

This payment will secure the property for you for up to a maximum of 15 calendar days from your application date. The tenancy must start within these 15 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties and cannot be extended any later than 4 weeks from the application date.

On completion of the tenancy, the holding deposit will be refunded within 7 calendar days.

First Months’ Rent: This is payable prior to, or at the point of signing the Tenancy Agreement.

Security Deposit: This is payable prior to, or at the point of signing the Tenancy Agreement. This deposit will be held by The Deposit Protection Service, unless otherwise stated and is fully refunded to you at the end of the tenancy, subject to the property is in a satisfactory condition and that all the terms of the tenancy have been met. No interest will be paid on the Deposit. Deposits that are not in dispute will be refunded to the forwarding address within 10 working days. For further information on the dps, please visit https://www.depositprotection.com.

Subsequent Months’ Rent: Payable by bank standing order mandate only. You will be required to complete a standing order mandate in our office on the day of your tenancy starting.

If the Tenant breaches any of the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement the Tenant may be liable to pay damages to the Landlord for that breach, as permitted by the Renting Homes (Fees Etc.) (Wales) Act 2019.

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