Presenting Your Property For Let


Present the property with kerb appeal. First impressions count, a lot. Make sure driveways and front gardens are weed and rubbish free, bushes cut back and lawns neat. Paths and patios should be secure, not cracked and wobbly. Gutters, fascias and windows should be cleaned and front door locks should be in good working order.


Present the property with modern interiors, decoration and furnishings. We want to source the best professional tenants for you. The demand for quality housing can be directly associated with the current property market. Tenants who we want to rent your property to, expect the very best their money can get to ultimately feel at home.

Remove all unnecessary items, such as ornaments, personal possessions and clutter from the property. Viewers need to see how their personal possessions would fit into your property. Remove any items of furniture or appliances that you will not be including in the let. Viewers will expect to get what they see and it will only cause confusion at the viewing. We don’t want them constantly talking about what is not staying rather than focusing the tenants on the benefits of your property.


Neutralise the decor with a lick of cream or white paint. New carpets and plain modern curtains opens the market to a much wider audience. Tenants can furnish with their own tastes and designs.

Dress the property sparsely with a dash of colour. Removable items such as scatter cushions, mirrors and the odd pot plant which bring life into a room. Setting the scene and creating a desired environment is important to welcome a prospective tenant into your property.


Ensure the property is clean. Employ a professional company to get into those easy to forget areas. If you are not replacing carpets, we would recommend a reputable carpet cleaning company to professionally clean all your carpets. This will prolong the life of the carpets and it is easier to request the tenants do the same at the end of the tenancy if you have done it at the start.


Address all maintenance issues before marketing. Any obvious maintenance issues will put tenants off from committing to the property, therefore taking longer to secure a tenant. As soon as a tenancy has started, the tenants will soon find any problem. Ensure doors close properly, windows open and close with ease and have a key for each window.

We would recommend fully redecorating every 5-7 years and re-carpeting every 7-10 years. The life of a kitchen and bathroom is on average 10-15 years in a rented property.

All of the above helps secure a tenancy quickly and keep your tenants for longer. Starting your tenancy off on a clean slate sets a precedent as to how you wish your tenants to treat the property, is easier to manage at end of tenancy and prolongs the life of the property before it needs to be redecorated and re-carpeted again.

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