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Hi <<First Name>>

We have just passed the 400 members mark on The Landlord Community, which is fantastic!. But better still, the Universal Written Statement has now been issued to over 1200 contract holders.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to some of our members:

After completing the course I felt the need to write to thank you. I cannot believe how easy, my stress levels were through the roof dealing with the required Written statement. Not any longer and took no time at all. I wish I had done it a lot sooner.

Sheila Bedwell


“I would highly recommend the Universal Written Statement, having procrastinated for months I took the plunge and it is as easy as Hannah said . So thank you Hannah I am a very relieved and grateful landlord.”

Janet Adams


“Nice to meet you today ! 
Many thanks for all the help and hard work you must have put in to set this up. 
As far are I am concerned you are currently the Patron Saint of Landlords - We have used the universal written statement on around 50 ast/contracts, after months of stressing it could not have been any simpler. Many thanks and keep up the good wor

Simon Dewsberry


It really is that simple, and you still have time!

The Written Statement Course

See you on the other side!

Hannah x

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