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Are You Liable for Paying Your Tenant's Water Bill?

 Rent Smart Wales were reminding landlords last week of their obligation to inform Dwr Cymru Welsh Water of a change of tenant at their properties.

The regulation came in in January 2015. It was introduced as a measure by the Welsh Government to tackle poverty by reducing debts to water suppliers, and thus making water charges more affordable for everyone.

What are my obligations?

All landlords of properties supplied by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water or Dee Valley Water (whether in England or Wales) need to inform the water supplier within 21 days of a change of tenant. You will also need to provide them with basic details for the new tenancy:

  • Property address
  • Titles, full names, and dates of birth for all adult occupants
  • Tenancy start date

Failure to comply with the regulation will mean you as the landlord become joint and severally liable for any water or sewerage charges incurred during the period of non-compliance – so you could end up paying your tenant’s bills.


At McCartan Lettings, we keep our landlords up-to-date and compliant with legislation affecting the rental market. In conjunction with the Tenant Shop, we inform utility companies of new tenancies we have set up.  If you would like any advice, or if you are looking for new tenants for your property, please call the team on 01792 430100.


SourcesRent Smart Wales / Dwr Cymru Welsh Water / Llywodraeth Cymru Welsh Government 


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