Landlord Fees

VAT at the current rate of 20% has been INCLUDED in our fees

Premier Full Management Service

Tenancy Set-up Fee: 45% of the 1st months rent, minimum fee £240.00
Premier Full Management Monthly Fee: 15% of monthly rent
Renewal Of Tenancy: £60.00
Express Rent Guarantee: Free for the first 6 months
Renewal Of Express Rent Guarantee: £55.00 (per tenant, per 6 months)
Hourly rate: £30.00 per hour, minimum fee £30.00
Transfer of property to new landlord fee: £180.00

Specialist Letting Only Service

Tenancy Set-up Fee: 60% of 1st months rent, minimum fee £360.00
Deposit Management (optional): £120.00
Rent Protection & Legal Cover (optional): £95.00 (6 months cover)
Renewal Of Rent Protection (optional): £130.00
Renewal Of Contract: (optional): £120.00
Hourly rate: £30.00 per hour, minimum fee £30.00
Issuing of Notices (e.g. Section 21): £30.00 per notice

Avoidable Costs

Obtaining Proof Of Ownership: £30.00
Re-issuing Or Amending Contracts: £30.00
Minimum Fee (in case of early termination): £420.00
Duplication & Testing Of Keys: £12.00 plus the cost of key cutting
Administration Of NRL Tax Returns: £180.00 per year
Duplicate End of Year Statement: £15.00 (Increasing to £50.00 between 1st January – 31st January)

Project Management

Organising property refurbishment: 12% of cost of works over £750.00, maximum fee £420.00

Contractor Costs (No VAT Applicable)

EPC report: £85.00 (valid for 10 years)
Gas Safety Certificate: £60.00 (valid for 1 year)
Gas Safety & Service: £95.00 (mandatory with all back boilers)
Electrical Condition Report: £95.00 (valid for 5 years)
Legionella Risk Assessment Report: £75.00 (valid for 2 years) £50.00 thereafter
Vacant Property Visit & report: £25.00
Independent Inventory: £80.00 plus £10.00 per bedroom, plus £15.00 if furnished
Independent Check-out: £75.00

Report Maintenance